Tom Johnston-O’Neill

I am an anthropologist and founder of The Worldview Project. I was born and spent my early life in Philadelphia. My first experience with learning about other cultures came in high school where I took a course in Asian history. After high school I attended Callison College, a college that offered a degree in Cross-Cultural Studies. While at Callison I had the opportunity to live in Japan for a year studying Japanese culture. Upon returning to the United States I studied anthropology at U.C. Santa Cruz. For graduate school I attended Princeton University where I earned a doctoral degree in Anthropology. For my doctoral fieldwork I spent nearly 3 years living in West Sumatra, Indonesia. My dissertation is a cultural history of a Minangkabau village and its 400 year transition from a divine Hindu-Buddhist kingdom to a practically-oriented modernist Muslim community. I have been the Program Director for the nonprofit student abroad program, Princeton in Asia, and was also an in-country Academic Director for World Learning in Vermont. I taught Anthropology at Grossmont College in San Diego. I founded the Worldview Press in 2000 to promote public interest in and understanding of world cultures and peoples. I have the unimaginable fortune to be able to work with an incredibly talented and wonderful group of volunteers.