Shari Johnston-O’Neill

I grew up mostly in Southeast Asia and have lived in Vietnam, Taiwan, Laos, Burma (Myanmar now), Thailand (where I went to High School), and the Philippines. Upon my return to the United States I attended UCSD, UCSC and Rutgers University where I was awarded a B.A. in Chinese Studies. After graduating college I engaged in nearly 3 years of ethnographic research, on a Fulbright Scholarship, in a small agricultural village in Indonesia. Since then I obtained a certification in advanced project management and have worked in the health insurance industry managing systems implementations. I am currently a Director for Change Management for WellPoint Inc. My interests include reading international fiction and nonfiction, archaeology, camping, attending cross-cultural events, eating my husband’s exquisite culinary creations and sailing. I have traveled extensively throughout Asia, India, Europe and the Americas. I am extremely excited to be part of The Worldview Project.