Monica Emery

Growing up in a cross cultural family in New Jersey, I was fascinated by the role of culture in relationships between people of different nationalities. My curiosity grew into deep interests in transnational competence, cross-cultural success, cultural preservation, intercultural communication, international peace and diplomacy, and education. Volunteering with The Worldview Project allows me to share my passion for cultural understanding with other globally-minded people in San Diego.
I have worked in the field of international education since 1998 which includes 5 years in Japan, working with an international peace and conflict think tank in Washington, D.C., consulting with Princeton in Asia, and directing, teaching, and coordinating international programs at the University of Maryland and Rutgers University. I have a B.A. in international relations from American University in Washington, D.C. and a M.A. from University of Maryland, College Park, MD.  Since 2015 I’ve been the Executive Director of the Center for World Music in San Diego, CA