Get Involved

Our organization lives and breathes through the involvement and support from our volunteers and interns who have international experience. Our ranks range from high school students, who had never volunteered or interned before, to Ph.D.s in various academic disciplines. Volunteers with MBAs, artists, accountants, lawyers and even company directors have contributed their energy, creativity and expertise to The Worldview Project. We are very proud that our organization itself reflects our embrace of cross-cultural awareness and inclusiveness with staff from all over the world.


Whether you are passionate about promoting tolerance within our local community, want hands-on experience working with a nonprofit organization, or are open to learning about new cultures and want to meet like-minded people, The Worldview Project is the place to be.

Whatever your interests, there is a place for you here. We may have a small office, but we have big goals, and you can be a part of the mission we continuously endeavor to accomplish.

By volunteering with The Worldview Project you have the chance to make a contribution to a great cause, become a part of a worthy organization, enhance your résumé, work with wonderful volunteers from all over the world, learn new marketable skills, learn about content managed publishing, and about the many cultural treasures of San Diego!


The Worldview Project offers many volunteer opportunities, which you can find posted at VolunteerMatch. Click here to read more and view all open opportunities.

You can get involved either as volunteer or intern. Read more in the Volunteer and/or Intern section to learn about requirements and options.