Angie Jin

Since I was born in China to a Korean family, cultures have played an obviously important and interesting role in my life. I hold great interest in how languages and cultures impact our identity and ways of thinking, and this led me to volunteer at The Worldview Project back in 2009. The more I know about WVP, the more I grow attached and amazed by the fantastic work that is done by the WVP team to promote multiculturalism and cross-culturalism in San Diego. In January 2013, I accepted the offer to serve on the board of directors. All of my professional experience focuses on promoting education and professional development. I taught a dozen courses related to language and culture at Zhejiang Normal University from 2001 to 2009. Meanwhile, I also served different roles as volunteer soccer team manager, business partner and training director at several local businesses in the city of Jinhua, China. Starting 2010, I transitioned to Human Resources field with my experience in training and education, emphasizing in workforce development, employee wellness and compensation.